About Us

Three guys, three microphones, one vision; to find a healthy, wholesome and artistically tasteful way to express our feelings about the local sports teams we care so much about…

Nah, fuck that.

It’s brutal being a Cincinnati sports fan and we deal with it the only way we know how, with booze and yelling!  Through the internet and the airwaves, we’re bringing to life the voice of you, the orange and black bleeding, Machine worshiping, hardcourt craving, long-suffering Cincinnati sports fan.

We’re not professional sports writers, “insiders” or analysts.  We’re not the heroes Cincinnati deserves, we’re the booze-fueled-rage-machines that it needs.  We are the unbridled howl from the cheap seats and the double-fisting champions of the seventh inning stretch.  We are…


We are the Angry Sports Guys.